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Broadbent Ham’s Taste

Breed: White Pig. Trigg County is known for it’s country hams and it annual county ham festival. The folks at Broadbent always represent and this bone-in ham is no exception. Bold flavors are what it’s all about. Big smoke and salt. As an American Charcuterie renaissance is taking place Broadent’s presents a Prosciutto-Style Ham from a pasture raised heritage breed. The result is a lighter, sweet and salty American Dry Cured Ham. Aged to one year, cured with salt and sugar, lightly smoked.

Serving Broadbent Ham

This ham is made to be sliced very thin and will be tough if sliced too thick. Pair like a traditional prosciutto with mild semi firm cheeses or on baguette but keep in mind this is a new world version and has a saltier more aggressive taste. Pairs wonderfully with mustard and served on a biscuit like traditional Kentucky country hams. Pair with hearty reds or ales or even bourbon!

How Broadbent Ham is Made
All Broadbent Ham’s are dry cured. They begin the process by hand rubbing the ham with salt, sugar and a “secret” blend of ingredients at certain stages of the curing process. Each ham is delicately smoked with Hickory Wood until it reaches a rich pecan color, and then aged to perfection.

Early settlers in Kentucky first used a dry-cure process curing their meat during the colder months of the year. Once the cure process was completed, their meat would not spoil, even during warm temperatures. This unique process allows their ham to be shipped un-refrigerated. but is encouraged once at home to keep it moist and are Nitrite/Nitrate Free and antibotic free.

In 2014 Broadbent Uncooked Country Hams were named winners at both national and state Competitions. In April The National Country Ham Association named Broadbent’s the Grand Champ of their Un-Smoked Country Ham Competition. In August they were named Grand Champion for the 16th time at the Kentucky State Fair. This Grand Champion ham went on to sell for a record breaking “Two Million Dollars” at a Charity Auction.

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12-16 Months


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United States


Made in Kuttawa, KY by Ronny and Beth Drennan

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