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Bresaola’s Taste

Mmmm…beef prosciutto. Daniel Teboul spent 25 years as a professional photographer, but decided to give his charcuterie hobby a shot as a new career. We’re quite happy for this career change, and you should be, too. He makes one mean and delicious bresaola, with an intensely beefy flavor. He says this is like having a portable steak you can take with you anywhere, and we’re inclined to agree!

Serving Bresaola

Cured and dried for 90 days, there’s nothing jerky about this beef! Slice thin with a good knife and enjoy with a big bold red wine.

How Bresaola is Made

Daniel Teboul, the inspiration behind Larchmont Charcuterie, grew up in the French Alps, skiing in the winter, hiking in the summer, and passing through countless remote mountain villages.  In France, meat curing is more a way of life than a pastime.The word “sausage” comes from the Latin word ‘salus,’ meaning salt, the first method of preservation. The various classical techniques involved are now known as charcuterie. While Homer missed using the term by 2700 years – it slipped into the lexicon in 1858 – he was already writing about salting and smoking meats in his Odyssey, back in 850 B.C.

Everything is meticulously sourced. They use a natural, vegetable-extracted ingredient in our curing process that ensures full flavor and long-lasting stability. The products contain NO added nitrates, NO sodium phosphate, or sodium erythorbate. But our Beef Prosciutto is a kind of descendant of Attila’s method — made with only natural ingredients in a time-honored process – and every bit as respectable. The flavor is so intensely beefy that even your Texan friends will appreciate it.

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Made in Larchmont, NY by Salumist Daniel Teboul

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Larchmont Charcuterie


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