Broadbent’s Bone-Out Country Ham

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How Broadbent’s Bone-Out Country Ham Tastes

Same meat and curing process as the bone-in one, but this one has the bone removed, allowing us to put this on our meat slicer. If you want a more consistent slice, we recommend this instead of the hand-carved one. Forward and funky with a great pig flavor, this ham is a standout.

Serving Broadbent’s Bone-Out Country Ham

The traditional Kentucky way to enjoy this ham is layered on a biscuit with some spicy mustard! A little bourbon and your meal is complete.

How Broadbent’s Bone-Out Country Ham is Made

All Broadbent Ham’s are dry cured. They begin the process by hand rubbing the ham with salt, sugar and a “secret” blend of ingredients at certain stages of the curing process. Each ham is delicately smoked with Hickory Wood until it reaches a rich pecan color, and then aged to perfection.

Early settlers in Kentucky first used a dry-cure process curing their meat during the colder months of the year. Once the cure process was completed, their meat would not spoil, even during warm temperatures. This unique process allows their ham to be shipped un-refrigerated. but is encouraged once at home to keep it moist and are Nitrite/Nitrate Free and antibotic free.

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Made in Kuttawa, KY by Ronny and Beth Drennan

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