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Biellese Culatello’s Taste

Inspired from the Culatellos of Emilia-Romagna, the most prized pork product in Italy is not prosciutto, it is Culatello. Due to the extremely long and precise aging process, the Culatello reigns supreme. Prosciutto is often considered the king of Italian salumi. This is the one cured meat that will forever have a place on the charcuterie board. Salumeria Biellese makes their culatello in the most traditional and delicious way. Only the largest muscle mass from the hind leg of heirloom breed pork is used. Simple seasoning and over a year’s worth of curing results in a supple, delicious cured pork that is second to none. Slightly drier than traditional prosciutto and more robust in flavor, culatello is a remarkable item perfect for serving alongside other fine charcuterie. The pig’s thigh is cured for over a year and finishes looking like an oversized egg.

Serving Biellese Culatello

Wrap spears of asparagus, layer on flatbreads and pizza, or add to your favorite pasta and vegetable dishes.1/2 pound, thinly sliceSimply seasoned high quality, heirloom pork, aged over one yearade by Salumeria Biellese in New York CitServe as charcuterie or in place of prosciutto in any recipe.

How Biellese Culatello is Made

Just right with no exceptions,” could have been the motto of Salumeria Biellese since the day Buzzio’s father, Ugo, founded the business in Manhattan in 1925. In the early 1960s Ugo and his partner were joined by Piero Forio, Valettuti’s eventual father-in-law, and a fourth partner. In 2010 Slow Food NYC awarded Salumeria Biellese its Snail of Approval for its contributions to “both the pleasures of the table and the integrity of the food chain”—the only American salumi maker to earn that honor.



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