Acorn Tamworth Prosciutto

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Tamworth Prosciutto’s Taste

We are lucky enough to have a leg of aged prosciutto and it will knock your socks off! The rich, melt-in-your mouth texture works perfectly with any brie-like cheese. Fed mostly acorns, this prosciutto has a natural nuttiness and herbacious sweetness. Hurry, any board with Tamworth Prosciutto doesn’t last long!

Serving Tamworth Prosciutto

Play off that unique sweetness with honey and pine-y herbs like rosemary and thyme for a well balanced cheese board. The fat melts in your moth so serve on with light crackers or wafers and  very crisp, very dry white wines.

How Tamworth Prosciutto Is Made

La Quercia farms makes a point to use traditional techniques when raising heritage pigs. This includes making sure their diet consists of at least 65% acorns and the rest naturally foraged foliage. Pasture raised in Missouri for the first part of their lives, these Tamworth pigs spend the last few months foraging in the hills near Ozark Mountains full of oak and hickory.


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