Founders Blushing Monk


Product By : StinkyBklyn


Monks are the modest type, but this one draws attention to itself in a big way when it blushes. This Blushing Monk is Founders’ way of making an already bold beer even bolder. Based on their popular Rübæus, an ale fermented with fresh raspberries five separate times during its brewing process, Founders quadrupled the amount of raspberries in the recipe and added a Belgian yeast strain. These steps truly take it to the next level! An audaciously tangy and juicy tone, with all of the light body of a Belgian ale. Looking at its royal red-purple color and its 9.2% ABV might seem daunting at first, but we’re positive that you’ll find the Blushing Monk as palatable and refreshing as your favorite fresh-squeezed juice (with a little kicker in there for good measure).


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