Stinky Bklyn Classes

New at Stinky 718 - Comparative Thursdays!!

6-7 pm, every Thursday night! Drop by Stinky and get a free mini class from one of our mongers, sampling two products that highlight the similarities and differences within the beer, cheese, and more that we love so very much.

1/8 - Stilton vs. Stichelton

1/15 - Guerilla Regular Hot Sauce vs. Barrel-Aged

1/22 - Olli Salame vs. Olli Salame

1/29 - Porter vs. Stout

Beat the January blues with a Stinky cheese class!

Once the holidays are over, January can stretch out, long and cold. What better time is there to sign up for a class, especially if it includes cheese and booze? These classes also make fantastic gifts for the cheese lover in your life!

Wed 1/14 – 7:30 pm – Cheese and Beer Pairings 101.

When you think of cheese, you think of beer, right? Right? Okay, so maybe most people go straight to that old classic, wine and cheese. But here at Stinky, we know better. Join our cheese buyer Katie and beer buyer Aiyana as we explore the many ways in which beer, with its many flavors and types, is actually a better go to when you want to up your cheese enjoyment. Class is $40, which includes a $20 gift voucher for the store. Buy tickets here now!


Wed 1/28 – 7:30 pm – Mozzarella Making Class - FULL

Do you feel you relationship with cheese tasting has hit a plateau, and needs some spice? We here at Stinky are ready to help you take your relationship with cheese to the next level. Our cheese buyer Katie will lead you through the steps of making your very own melty, chewy, cheesy goodness. Warning: cheesemaking is a path from which you cannot turn back. Class is $40, which includes a $20 gift voucher for the store, and is limited to 10 people. CLASS IS NOW FULL - check back for another class at a later date!